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How to Create Kendall Jenner’s Flawless Blowout

How to Create Kendall Jenner’s Flawless Blowout 376 404 Naomi Soman

Kendall Jenner blew us away at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party with her gorgeous blow out. With some impressive volume and an adorable 60’s hair flip, this 22-year-old model was certainly turning heads. Here’s how you can get the same look at home! 


  1. Pre-Dry 


Make sure your hair is at least three-quarters dry before you grab your hairdryer. Remember, the hairdryer is just meant to help you style your hair. By towel drying or air drying your hair ahead of time, you’ll help to minimize heat damage. Then either take a flat brush or tousle your hair with your fingers and dry your hair in the opposite direction of growth until it’s about 90% dry.  


 2. Section Off  

Use one or two clips to tie up the top of your hair so you can work on what’s called the halo section of your hair—the crown and the bottom sections around your head. Take the top of the hair next and then finish off with the hair at the back of the head. 


 3. The Right Brush 


Invest in some high-quality, round brushes. A ceramic brush will hold heat better, so it will lend more bounce and texture especially to finer hair. You can also use our 100% vegan nylon bristle brush. Modeled off of a traditional boar bristle brush, this brush will give you a firm hold on your hair allowing you to pull thick, curly locks nice and straight. 


4. Up & Out 

Make sure to always pull the hair up and out. Start drying at the root very close to the scalp for plenty of volume and frizz-control. You’ll want to point the hairdryer downward toward the ends of the hair following the brush to make sure its smooth and shiny. Don’t forget to work the ends until they are completely dry and polished. Moisture tends to collect at the ends of the hair creating frizz and ruining an otherwise picture-perfect, salon-quality look. 


5. Rock & Roll:  

Roll the hair around your brush and rock it back and forth while blow drying it to create a natural curl in the hair. When you’re finished, gently release the hair and pin up the curl to let it set. Alternate directions as you go around the head so that the hair doesn’t clump together into one large curl. 


6. Cool Down:  

Let the hair cool for at least five to ten minutes before removing the clips. If you’re in a hurry, use the cold shock button on your blow dryer to help speed up the process. 


7. Extra Products: 


Make sure you’re applying a nice smoothing spray or cream to your hair before you start blow drying. Then apply a bit of Remilia serum to your hairline and ends to prevent further damage. Try not to use too many conditioners besides the Cosmocap though. Leave-in conditioners are heavy, and they tend to weigh hair down making it harder for you to create the volume you need for a blowout. 

Keep either sea salt spray or dry shampoo on hand while drying your hair. Apply a bit to your roots especially when you get to your crown to add some extra oomph. Finish the look off with a bit more serum and just a touch of hair spray and you’re ready to go. 

With a Cosmocap and these seven tips, you’ll be runway-ready. Grab your red carpet dress and prepare for the paparazzi.  


The 5 Easy Fixes That Helped Me Ditch Bad Hair Days for Good

The 5 Easy Fixes That Helped Me Ditch Bad Hair Days for Good 2560 1706 Naomi Soman

Bad hair days got you down? You might be making one of these five mistakes! 

  1. You’re Curling from the Ends: 

When you use a curling iron, you want to make sure you’re starting from the shaft and not the end. Most people start curling their hair from the end assuming that they should begin with the section they want curled. However, you need to curl the hair closer to the root if you want the curl to hold.  

A lot of girls crank up the heat on their iron or go over sections multiple times hoping to make sure their ‘do lasts all day. Unfortunately, they’re just damaging their hair further. By simply using the iron properly, you’ll create curls that last without frying your locks. 



2. You’re Using the Wrong Size Barrel 

As it turns out, you really don’t need to use a salon-style curling iron to create gorgeous beach-worthy curls. You do, however, need the right sized barrel. Unless you’re sporting waist-length locks, you should be using a curling iron with a small barrel. ½’’ to 1’’ barrels should be more than sufficient.  

You need to be able to wrap the hair around the barrel at least twice. If you’re using a larger barrel on short- to medium- length hair, you might create some nice waves, but they probably won’t hold that long. 


 3. You’re Not Using a Hair Mask 

Conditioner is not a substitute for a hair mask. Hair masks help to nourish hair from the inside out. Not only does it strengthen your locks and prevent against further damage, but it also penetrates deep into your scalp allowing for healthier, softer hair. 


Hair masks should be applied to freshly washed, towel dried hair. If you’re pressed for time, you can always let it sit for a few minutes while you shave. However, if you do have the time, on the weekend, for example, then apply the hair mask to your hair after shampooing. Comb through your hair carefully, wrap it up in a towel for at least twenty minutes, and rinse it out completely. 


 4. You’re Not Using a Blow Dryer Attachment 

If those strange-looking pieces that came with your blow dryer ended up at the back of the closet, then you’ve been doing your hair a disservice. The concentrator, a duck bill-shaped cone that fits on the nozzle of your blow dryer, is meant to help focus the hot air in one direction to control frizz and improve smoothness. 


On the other hand, a direct stream of hot air will make curls frizzy and unmanageable. If you have curly hair, you can use the diffuser to dry your hair without destroying your waves or ringlets. Not only will a diffuser enhance your natural curls, but it will lend body and movement to your mane as well.  


 5. You’re Not Using Tinted Dry Shampoo 

Dry shampoos can be a lifesaver. If you haven’t been able to wash your hair in a few days—it’s okay, we’ve all been therethen a simple schpritz of dry shampoo can soak up the extra oil and save the day. 


However, dry shampoo can make dark hair look dull and lifeless. If you’re a brunette, make sure you’re buying tinted dry shampoo. The product goes on brown and blends in perfectly so you can banish bad hair days for good even when you’re pressed for time. 

The Hairstyle Your Man Really Wants to See

The Hairstyle Your Man Really Wants to See 1000 667 Naomi Soman

If you’re like most of us, you’ll want to make sure your date night look is absolutely flawless. After all, you want to make sure you catch Cupid’s eye. 

Most girls assume that the best hairstyles are the ones they see in ElleCosmopolitan, and on the runways of Paris fashion week.  

However, as it turns out, men have a different perspective. While women might say avant garde, their significant others might respond with a simple “no thank you.” 

We found out what hairstyles real men liked on women, and we came up with the top three for you (and a couple of the worst!) 

Looks They Love: 

1. Classic & Curled- 


You can’t go wrong with an old Hollywood hairstyle. Give yourself a deep side part, some volume on top, and big curls—while a hot iron might get the trick done quickly, a set of rollers will get you those huge rolling curls.  

This classic ‘do always looks elegant, feminine, and sophisticated. Add a pair of bright red lips and a little black dress and you’re ready to go. 

2. Colors- 


Believe it or not, men love a splash of color. Whether it was a sleek lavender or a subtle ombre, a bit of color showed the woman had a personality. Men liked to see that a woman had her own unique sense of style. 

3. Texture- 


Throw in a bit of sea-salt spray for some texture and let your natural waves free. There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who’s confident enough to let her true self shine through.  

Looks to Avoid: 

1. Tight & Messy Buns- 

While a tight bun might look great with your blazer, it won’t go over as well with your date. Men tend to find buns business-like and stuffy even when they’re well done, especially if your hair is pulled back so tightly from your face it looks like it’s stretching your skin. 

You’ll want to keep the messy bun for the beach. Those wispy strands might look romantic on the sea shore, but on a fancy night out, it looks like you just threw yourself together. Valentine’s Day is a chance for you to flaunt those locks, not tie them away. 

 2. Hair Extensions- 


Hair extensions can give you that gorgeous, luscious mane you thought only existed in Pantene commercials. However, as it turns out, men hate these fake clip-ins. They love running their fingers through your hair. He’ll stop short when he feels odd bumps at the base of your head. 

 3. Loose Ponytails- 


There’s nothing that says “I don’t care” to a man like a ponytail. No matter how bad of a hair day you’re having, ponytails are never the answer. Yes, you might have added a bit of poof or a clever heart-shaped braid design, but he’s not going to notice. Just save them for the gym! 

Whatever hairstyle you choose, make sure you pop open a Remilia hair capsule when you’re in the shower so that your locks come out silky smooth for your big night out. 

After all, there’s NOTHING sexier than shinyhealthy hair. 





Beat the Dandruff This Winter With These Little-Known Tricks

Beat the Dandruff This Winter With These Little-Known Tricks 1000 667 Naomi Soman

The snowflakes that fall on your nose and eyelashes are not the same flakes that nestle in your locks and land on your shoulders. 

When the temperature starts to drop in October and November, the level of moisture in the air starts to fall too. If you struggle with chapped lips and dry, cracked knuckles, you can bet your scalp is pretty thirsty too.  

Here are some of our favorite ways to fight winter-weather dandruff. 

1. Choose the Right Shampoo: 


There are plenty of shampoos besides Head & Shoulders designed specifically to fight dandruff. Make sure to scan the bottle for these ingredients: 

  • Zinc pyrithione 
  • Coal tar
  • Selenium sulfide 
  • Salicylic acid 
  • Ketoconazole  

2. Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera: 


Tea tree oil comes from tea tree leaves. Aborigines used oil from this Australian tree to clean wounds in the hopes of preventing infection. Today, tea tree oil is used in soaps and shampoos because of its antimicrobial properties. However, you can also use a few drops of the oil itself on your scalp to ward away dandruff. 

You probably use aloe vera on your sun burns, but you may not have known it can be used for a dry scalp. Aloe vera actually helps to fight inflammation naturally. Massage a bit of aloe vera into your scalp and let it sit for 30 minutes before washing it out well. 

3. Turn Down the Heat: 

When the weather outside is frightful, there’s nothing more inviting than a warm, toasty night in the living room.  

Instead of cranking the heat though, try grabbing a blanket or sweater. The heat coming out of the vents can dry out your scalp. Better yet, get a fireplace going! 

4. Eat Right: 

Believe it or not, your dandruff might actually be linked to your diet. While there may be other factors at play as well, don’t ever underestimate the role of nutrition in hair health. 

B Vitamins: 

Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Niacin (vitamin B3), and Biotin (vitamin B7) are all essential to healthy hair growth. Riboflavin helps convert macronutrients into ATP (otherwise known as energy), Niacin aids in skin health, and Biotin supports healthy hair growth.  

Make sure you’re getting a healthy dose of vitamin B on your plate if you’re constantly itching and scratching. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: 

Omega-3 fatty acids help to fight inflammation and soothe skin. You should make sure you’re getting some flax seeds, walnuts, and eggs in your diet on a regular basis so you get enough of this hair-healthy nutrient. 


Zinc is responsible for metabolism, cell growth, and immune function, and deficiency often results in dandruff.  

The recommended daily dosage of zinc is 8-9mg for women and 11mg for men. Make sure you’re stocking up on chickpeas, peanuts, almonds, cashews, poultry and meat to make sure you’re getting enough zinc.

 5. Keep Stress at Bay: 


Dandruff is technically caused by a microbe called Malassezia globosa. Stress inhibits your body’s immune system leaving these microbes free to grow and reproduce on your scalp. Stress can also influence your hormone levels, which, in turn, might cause dandruff. 

It can be tempting to stay huddled inside this winter, but when stress hits, and it will, you’ll want to make sure you’re strapping up your sneakers regularly. There’s no better stress-buster than a good sweat session, and the blood circulation will bring more oxygen and nutrients to the skin on your head.  

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Don’t hesitate to pop open an extra Remilia hair capsule to get some more moisture into your daily hair care routine. Since these capsules are completely plant-based, they won’t strip your locks of their natural oils.  

Typically, you should be applying the serum from your roots to your ends because these sections are the driest. However, there’s nothing that says you can’t apply the serum to your scalp too!