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Why You Need to Try Keratin Treatments at Home

Why You Need to Try Keratin Treatments at Home 1000 744 Remilia Hair

If you grew up with a head full of ringlets or a Hermione-Granger-style mane, you know how difficult curls can be, and you’ve probably thought about trying a keratin treatment at home at least once or twice. Yes, of course your curls can look romantic when blowing in the wind, but it takes a whole lot of teasing and tousling (and mousse!) to get them to look that way.

Let’s face it. Anyone with curls has daydreamed at one point or another about how carefree life would be without 15 minutes of pulling and twisting and conditioning every morning. Curls always seem to have a mind of their own, and getting them to cooperate sometimes seems like a Sisyphean task, to say the least.

Keratin smoothing treatments are all the rage these days, but they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. Salon treatments can leave your hair weak and brittle if they’re filled with chemicals, but today, you can enjoy the frizz-taming benefits of keratin treatments at home. Here’s what you should know about salon treatments and how you can capitalize on keratin infusions without breaking the bank.

What is the best keratin treatment?

Salon keratin treatments require the use of powerful chemicals. You’ll need to pay a skilled technician to treat your hair safely, and that will cost upwards of $200 per treatment. Keratin smoothing treatments, otherwise known as Brazilian blowouts, are not only expensive, but also quite dangerous.

Believe it or not, the gas released during the treatment is a probable human carcinogen. If the treatment is done in a well-ventilated area by a certified professional, it shouldn’t pose a threat, but the risk is there nonetheless.

There are several treatments available in high-end salons today that don’t make use of the same harsh chemicals. For example, you may come across the Cezanne smoothing treatment, argan protein therapy, or amino-style keratin therapy, all of which infuse vitamins and extracts into your locks. Japanese straightening treatments will take the curls and waves out of your mane through a process that breaks and rebuilds the protein bonds in your hair. Unlike keratin treatments, these chemical relaxers are permanent. You’ll either need to treat your roots regularly or cut off the straightened section.

Many salons also sell keratin treatments at home, but none of these kits contain formaldehyde, the key ingredient in classical keratin treatments. There are plenty of balms and conditioners that contain keratin. However, take note that if a product is available for home-use, there’s no chance that it will yield the same salon-worthy, poker straight look you would expect from a $200+ service. They will, however, keep your hair strong and healthy.

The beautician does expose the hair to keratin, but the keratin itself isn’t what makes the hair straight. After treating your hair with keratin-infused conditioners, the hairdresser will blow dry and straighten your hair at a very high setting. When exposed to the heat, the chemicals in the conditioners release formaldehyde, which seals in the cuticle for two to four months.

Do I need a keratin smoothing treatment?

Salon treatments can do wonders for frizzy, unmanageable hair, but these results are temporary. Traditional keratin smoothing treatments usually only damage your hair further. In fact, the keratin isn’t even the main active ingredient. Somewhat of a misnomer, in keratin smoothing treatments, keratin is hardly the most important component.

The beautician does expose the hair to keratin, but the keratin itself isn’t what makes the hair straight. After treating your hair with keratin-infused conditioners, the hairdresser will blow dry and straighten your hair at a very high setting. When exposed to the heat, the chemicals in the conditioners release formaldehyde, which seals in the cuticle for two to four months.

So, what is keratin anyway?

Scientifically speaking, keratin is a family of fibrous structural proteins found in the nails, and skin. It also happens to be found in horns, claws, and hooves in animals. Keratin helps protect your skin from damage or stress, and it serves as the main structural building block of hair. Your hair creates the protein naturally, but stress, UV radiation, and poor diet can slow production.

The keratin that you’ll find in Remilia hair capsules can help replace some of this lost keratin. Penetrating the shaft, keratin smooths down the layers of overlapping cells in the cuticle lending the hair a smooth, glossy sheen. The extra keratin works to keep your locks strong so that they’re more resistant to heat and stress. With the added structural material, your hair will be less likely to fray and split even when exposed to styling tools.

Should I try a keratin treatment at home?

A keratin treatment at home is definitely easier on your wallet and on your hair. It won’t cost an entire day’s paycheck, and it won’t leave your hair exposed to toxic chemicals. Realistically, you’re probably better off investing in long-term hair care rather than opting for a professional treatment. When combined with a good haircare routine, keratin treatments at home will leave your hair naturally healthier and shinier.

With a high-quality serum, you can keep your hair hydrated from the inside-out. The hair cuticle is made up of a series of overlapping layers, and when the air is humid, the outer layer absorbs moisture from the air, especially if the cuticle is already rough.

That water causes the hair to swell, making it look frizzy. Hydration is really the number one key to good hair health, and if your hair is already damaged, it’s probably highly porous. Keratin strengthens the cuticle so that when you do condition your hair, the hair can hold onto that moisture for longer.

Final Thoughts:

If hot showers and hair straighteners are part of your daily routine, you’ll want to make sure you take preventative measures to protect your hair from damage before the frizz becomes unmanageable. If you allow your hair to become too porous, you might feel compelled to seek out professional treatment, but you don’t have to let your hair get to that point.

Good haircare is all in the details. The better you take care of your hair day in and day out, the better it will look. So, use a silk pillow case, go easy on the heat tools, don’t shampoo every day, and use keratin now while your hair is healthy—so it stays that way!

The 5 Easy Fixes That Helped Me Ditch Bad Hair Days for Good

The 5 Easy Fixes That Helped Me Ditch Bad Hair Days for Good 2560 1706 Naomi Soman

Bad hair days got you down? You might be making one of these five mistakes! 

  1. You’re Curling from the Ends: 

When you use a curling iron, you want to make sure you’re starting from the shaft and not the end. Most people start curling their hair from the end assuming that they should begin with the section they want curled. However, you need to curl the hair closer to the root if you want the curl to hold.  

A lot of girls crank up the heat on their iron or go over sections multiple times hoping to make sure their ‘do lasts all day. Unfortunately, they’re just damaging their hair further. By simply using the iron properly, you’ll create curls that last without frying your locks. 



2. You’re Using the Wrong Size Barrel 

As it turns out, you really don’t need to use a salon-style curling iron to create gorgeous beach-worthy curls. You do, however, need the right sized barrel. Unless you’re sporting waist-length locks, you should be using a curling iron with a small barrel. ½’’ to 1’’ barrels should be more than sufficient.  

You need to be able to wrap the hair around the barrel at least twice. If you’re using a larger barrel on short- to medium- length hair, you might create some nice waves, but they probably won’t hold that long. 


 3. You’re Not Using a Hair Mask 

Conditioner is not a substitute for a hair mask. Hair masks help to nourish hair from the inside out. Not only does it strengthen your locks and prevent against further damage, but it also penetrates deep into your scalp allowing for healthier, softer hair. 


Hair masks should be applied to freshly washed, towel dried hair. If you’re pressed for time, you can always let it sit for a few minutes while you shave. However, if you do have the time, on the weekend, for example, then apply the hair mask to your hair after shampooing. Comb through your hair carefully, wrap it up in a towel for at least twenty minutes, and rinse it out completely. 


 4. You’re Not Using a Blow Dryer Attachment 

If those strange-looking pieces that came with your blow dryer ended up at the back of the closet, then you’ve been doing your hair a disservice. The concentrator, a duck bill-shaped cone that fits on the nozzle of your blow dryer, is meant to help focus the hot air in one direction to control frizz and improve smoothness. 


On the other hand, a direct stream of hot air will make curls frizzy and unmanageable. If you have curly hair, you can use the diffuser to dry your hair without destroying your waves or ringlets. Not only will a diffuser enhance your natural curls, but it will lend body and movement to your mane as well.  


 5. You’re Not Using Tinted Dry Shampoo 

Dry shampoos can be a lifesaver. If you haven’t been able to wash your hair in a few days—it’s okay, we’ve all been therethen a simple schpritz of dry shampoo can soak up the extra oil and save the day. 


However, dry shampoo can make dark hair look dull and lifeless. If you’re a brunette, make sure you’re buying tinted dry shampoo. The product goes on brown and blends in perfectly so you can banish bad hair days for good even when you’re pressed for time. 

Beat the Dandruff This Winter With These Little-Known Tricks

Beat the Dandruff This Winter With These Little-Known Tricks 1000 667 Naomi Soman

The snowflakes that fall on your nose and eyelashes are not the same flakes that nestle in your locks and land on your shoulders. 

When the temperature starts to drop in October and November, the level of moisture in the air starts to fall too. If you struggle with chapped lips and dry, cracked knuckles, you can bet your scalp is pretty thirsty too.  

Here are some of our favorite ways to fight winter-weather dandruff. 

1. Choose the Right Shampoo: 


There are plenty of shampoos besides Head & Shoulders designed specifically to fight dandruff. Make sure to scan the bottle for these ingredients: 

  • Zinc pyrithione 
  • Coal tar
  • Selenium sulfide 
  • Salicylic acid 
  • Ketoconazole  

2. Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera: 


Tea tree oil comes from tea tree leaves. Aborigines used oil from this Australian tree to clean wounds in the hopes of preventing infection. Today, tea tree oil is used in soaps and shampoos because of its antimicrobial properties. However, you can also use a few drops of the oil itself on your scalp to ward away dandruff. 

You probably use aloe vera on your sun burns, but you may not have known it can be used for a dry scalp. Aloe vera actually helps to fight inflammation naturally. Massage a bit of aloe vera into your scalp and let it sit for 30 minutes before washing it out well. 

3. Turn Down the Heat: 

When the weather outside is frightful, there’s nothing more inviting than a warm, toasty night in the living room.  

Instead of cranking the heat though, try grabbing a blanket or sweater. The heat coming out of the vents can dry out your scalp. Better yet, get a fireplace going! 

4. Eat Right: 

Believe it or not, your dandruff might actually be linked to your diet. While there may be other factors at play as well, don’t ever underestimate the role of nutrition in hair health. 

B Vitamins: 

Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Niacin (vitamin B3), and Biotin (vitamin B7) are all essential to healthy hair growth. Riboflavin helps convert macronutrients into ATP (otherwise known as energy), Niacin aids in skin health, and Biotin supports healthy hair growth.  

Make sure you’re getting a healthy dose of vitamin B on your plate if you’re constantly itching and scratching. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: 

Omega-3 fatty acids help to fight inflammation and soothe skin. You should make sure you’re getting some flax seeds, walnuts, and eggs in your diet on a regular basis so you get enough of this hair-healthy nutrient. 


Zinc is responsible for metabolism, cell growth, and immune function, and deficiency often results in dandruff.  

The recommended daily dosage of zinc is 8-9mg for women and 11mg for men. Make sure you’re stocking up on chickpeas, peanuts, almonds, cashews, poultry and meat to make sure you’re getting enough zinc.

 5. Keep Stress at Bay: 


Dandruff is technically caused by a microbe called Malassezia globosa. Stress inhibits your body’s immune system leaving these microbes free to grow and reproduce on your scalp. Stress can also influence your hormone levels, which, in turn, might cause dandruff. 

It can be tempting to stay huddled inside this winter, but when stress hits, and it will, you’ll want to make sure you’re strapping up your sneakers regularly. There’s no better stress-buster than a good sweat session, and the blood circulation will bring more oxygen and nutrients to the skin on your head.  

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Don’t hesitate to pop open an extra Remilia hair capsule to get some more moisture into your daily hair care routine. Since these capsules are completely plant-based, they won’t strip your locks of their natural oils.  

Typically, you should be applying the serum from your roots to your ends because these sections are the driest. However, there’s nothing that says you can’t apply the serum to your scalp too!  

How I Keep My Hair Blonde And Healthy

How I Keep My Hair Blonde And Healthy 944 1024 Remilia Hair

I have been getting this question a lot: how is your hair so healthy, yet so blonde?

To be completely honest, my hair used to suck. Circa 2008 I was playing water polo and swimming pretty much 365 days a year and the chlorine did nothing good for me. This was my senior year of high school, so I splurged on hair extensions in the spring. They were the bonded type, which lasted me well through graduation and our senior trip to Cancun. Well, apparently you can’t get drunk for seven days in a row and neglect your extensions (they don’t tell you this when you get them put in). I came home with a massive dreadlock on the back of my head. The extensions needed to come out immediately, so I did it myself, and melted all of the wax bonds at home with my straightener. Unfortunately, with the extensions came out 75% of my natural hair. My hair post-extensions was so thin and gross, and needed a serious chop. I cried (true story).

Throughout college, I dabbled with different hairstylists and an excessive amount of bleach. My hair never really got past a shoulder-length, and I was dying to have mermaid locks, so I thought going brunette was the solution. Two words: Never. Again.

After going brunette, I said goodbye to my Fresno hairdresser and came back to my hometown salon. My hairstylist at home is an old family friend, and treats my hair like it’s her own. She had to do a lot of damage control after years of terrible bleach and an outgrown brunette dye-job, but over time my hair started to grow again. To this day, she refuses to let me go past a certain level of platinum for the sake of protecting my hair. While it can be frustrating not having full control over my color, keeping my hair a consistent blonde for six-plus years has been a game changer.

I have also made a real conscious effort to cut my hair every eight weeks. I used to wholeheartedly believe that if I never cut it, it would stay long— and while it did, it was never actually healthy. Sometimes I can persuade my hairdresser to let me skip a trim, but more times than not I’m cleaning up my jagged ends every time I see her. This has helped my hair in ways that I can’t even explain.



Outside of the salon, I try to keep up with a healthy at-home hair routine. I try to limit myself to washing my hair to 1-2 days a week. Not only does this help with the oil production, but it helps me avoid using unnecessary heat on my hair, too. And, I mean, washing your hair is just a hassle.

In the shower, I have three ride-or-dies. The first two are my Pureology products. I swear by the Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo and Conditioner. The second is the Redken Extreme Cat Protein Reconstructing Hair Treatment. The protein spray is a rinse-off formula that I use a couple times a month, and works as a more affordable option to a professional Keratin treatment. These three products have worked very, very well for my hair.

Once my hair is towel-dried, I spray in a tiny bit of It’s A 10 so I can easily comb through my hair. I use a hair pick for this, because I’ve found that it allows me to work through my tangles more gently than a brush would. After my hair is detangled, I’ll use my favorite hair serum from Remilia Hair. The Cosmocap from Remilia helps add shine and prevent breakage by using silk protein and keratin amino acids. Honestly, it’s a miracle product. I love how my hair feels after the Cosmocap, and I doubt I’ll ever go back.

Nine times out of ten, I’ll let my hair air dry, and avoid curling or straightening as much as possible. If I am curling it, I use the Navy Hair Care Style Navigator beforehand, to protect my hair from the heat and frizz.

My hair is still pretty thin and has a long way to go, but if you’ve seen where its been, you’d be amazed. I’m really happy with my routine right now, and if just one person benefits from this long-winded post, it was well worth it.

How To Achieve Healthy Hair While Traveling

How To Achieve Healthy Hair While Traveling 1000 562 Remilia Hair

Raise your hand if you have an upcoming trip planned? Perhaps it’s time for a vacation, or maybe you have an important work meeting on the horizon? Whatever the case, when travel is involved, it generally means pulling out that luggage and packing it with your essentials.

But hey, what exactly are those essentials? How do you pick and choose what to bring with you on a trip? Especially when baggage weight and airport security is involved.  

Don’t worry, friends. We’ve got a solution for you. Or, at least a solution that will ease up plenty of space in your luggage, without sacrificing your beauty routine.

‘Cause seriously, how many times have you left something at home, only to realize that product would have come in handy while traveling? Or perhaps you’re bringing full size bottles of products, adding to luggage weight and forcing you to check a bag when a carry on would be much more practical?

Say goodbye to this pesky scenario, and say hello to your new haircare solution for travel. The Cosmocap!

With this little baby in your arsenal of beauty products, it works just as well at home or on the road, without causing you any of the usual inconvenience you’ll find with full size hair products.

Don’t believe us? Let’s talk about how The Cosmocap can help whether you’re going on a quick trip, or on a full blown vacation.

Packing the Cosmocap For a Quick Trip


We’ve all been there: we’re packing for a quick trip that requires some airplane travel. Whether it’s going to see family, a weekend trip with your BF, or an important conference in another state, in these scenarios, a carry on is usually the best bet.

But hey, with weight and space restrictions, what are the first products you’re likely to eliminate from your luggage?

There’s no way you’re sacrificing those killers heels you bought specifically for this trip, and you’re not about to part ways with your favorite cleanser and moisturizer duo.

You start to wonder whether you really need those extra hair care products for just a quick trip? Maybe you could get away with a messy bun throughout the weekend?

Sure, you could, but if shiny, silky hair was possible without having to sacrifice on weight or room in your luggage, wouldn’t you want it?

Of course! And with The Cosmocap in your beauty routine, you can have it.

Our capsules are small, portable, and weigh next to nothing. And hey, best of all, the serum is contained in a biodegradable capsule, so you don’t have to feel guilty about contributing any waste to the environment.

Simply throw a couple of our capsules into a clear plastic bag, and you’ve got the perfect hair care companion that will ensure your hair is looking its absolute best all throughout your trip, even when you’re travelling with a simple carry on.

Packing The Cosmocap For Vacation

Even when a carry on isn’t possible, and you’re packing for a longer length trip, we still tend to make some sacrifices when it comes to packing our beauty products.

Once again, a similar narrative runs through our minds: Do we really need that special hair treatment? Couldn’t we just pack our hair serum in a reusable container to reduce weight? Maybe we should just skip the hair treatments altogether and focus on skincare?  

Stop right there. At Remilia, we believe that hair comes first.

And that most certainly applies to when you’re embarking on a vacation.

In fact, haircare tends to be even more important when heading on vacation. Nobody wants to spend their vacation prepping in the bathroom because their hair is so damaged and unmanageable. Not to mention, vacation often means plenty of humidity and salt water. Say hello to frizz and dry hair.

With some capsules of The Cosmocap packed safely away in your luggage, not only can you easily bring hair care products with you without sacrificing on space in your luggage, your hair is also guaranteed to look healthy, smooth, and shiny while on vacation.

Plus, each capsule is packed individually, meaning you’ll be able to bring the exact amount of capsules you’ll need throughout the trip, and you won’t have to worry about a reusable container leaking onto the rest of your belongings. Not a bad deal, right?

If you’re ready to stop sacrificing your hair care while on vacation, and you’re ready to pack for trips like the smart cookie that we know you are, it’s time to discover The Cosmocap.

Learn more about The Cosmocap and how it can become your new best travel companion by clicking here.


Why Hair Care Is Key To Your Beauty Routine

Why Hair Care Is Key To Your Beauty Routine 1000 667 Remilia Hair

As ladies who want to both look and feel great, we understand that having a beauty routine is key to taking proper care of yourself.

This can include anything from skincare, to pampering sessions and manicures, or even to just playing with makeup; however, there’s one essential component that we know should never be neglected when it comes to your beauty routine: hair care.

Why? Well, first and foremost, because as a brand we strongly believe that hair comes first.  Always.

Because remember, your hair can determine your overall look. Trust us, if you show up to an event with dead, dry, and damaged hair, it really doesn’t matter how you style the rest of your look, your overall style is going to appear lackluster.

Not ideal, right? We didn’t think so. So today, we’re going to share with you five reasons for why your hair care routine is oh-so-important, and how you can implement your own routine today.

Let’s dive in!

1)   Damaged Hair Kills Your Look

Like we mentioned, damaged hair can really kill your entire look, but let’s elaborate on that, shall we? So, not only will damaged hair bring down your overall look, it’s also going to impact how you feelThink of it this way: when you’re having a bad hair day, how does it impact how you feel about yourself?

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that a bad hair day isn’t exactly your idea of a good time. Develop a good hair care routine, and you’ll never have to hide beneath a baseball cap again.  

2) Your Hair Won’t Grow

Now, we know that not everyone is looking to grow out their hair, but for those of you who are, you’ll never be able to do so if you’re not taking proper care of your hair.

Long, luxurious hair that gets all the attention is only achieved when you take proper care of your locks, and a routine is an absolute essential part of that.

3) With Hair Care, You Have The Power

Here’s the deal with hair care: you have the power to change it, right now.

While things like skincare might be more difficult to manage, with hair care you can implement a routine today that would make a difference. Really, all it takes is the decision to start treating your hair with love and attention, and you’ll see an immediate change.

On the other hand, if you simply continue to accept your dry and damaged hair without any action, that will always be your hair’s reality.

4) Neglected Hair Will Continue To Get Worse

Blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons, for many of us, applying heat to our hair can be a daily occurrence.

But guess what? Each time you apply these damaging products to your hair, your hair will just get more and more damaged. Seems pretty logical, and yet many of us continue to do it.

What’s the solution? How can you improve your hair’s appearance while still styling it to your desired look? You need to implement a hair care routine. Plain and simple.

If you don’t, well, then get used to dry and damaged hair.  

How To Implement a Hair Care Routine

So did we convince ‘ya? Do you think your hair care routine is important? We hope so, because truly, once you have silky, shiny hair greeting you morning after morning, you’ll quickly appreciate the power of great hair.

But hey, maybe you’re unsure how exactly to implement a routine to get these swoon worthy locks. Maybe you’re stretched for time and the idea of having to add yet another step to your beauty routine seems like a total pain. Well, lucky for you, we’ve got some good news!

With Remilia hair, all you need is the Cosmocap, and voila, healthy hair is at your fingertips. Literally.

Simply start applying our capsules to your hair, and you’ll instantly see the difference that nourishing ingredients can have on those tresses of yours.

Seriously, clinical results show a 43% reduction in frizz and breakage after only one use, and a 90% increase in softness and shine! Truly, these numbers speak for themselves.

Trust us, ladies, we know how much your hair means to you, and we’re convinced that great hair can really impact the way you feel. Start each day with great hair by adding The Cosmocap into your beauty routine.

Because remember, hair comes first.  It’s time for the best hair of your life! Don’t you agree?

Travel Hair Care Routine for Stressed-Out Hair – By @reneebigtime

Travel Hair Care Routine for Stressed-Out Hair – By @reneebigtime 450 600 Remilia Hair

Travel is part of my job description and also one of the many things that STRESSES my hair out! My curls get dry and brittle by the time my plane lands, no matter how long the trip. Over the years I’ve picked up a few tricks to help rehabilitate my locks. The ones that work the best for me is to apply a leave-in conditioner, hair mask, or hair oil and wrap my hair into a bun, or braided into pigtails for the duration of the flight.

The other day I came across The Cosmocap by Remilia hair. A unique encapsulated hair serum that locks in moisture. The Cosmocap uses advanced Italian technology with a mix of powerful ingredients to bring you the perfect cocktail for your hair. It’s formulated with pro vitamin B-5, keratin amino acids & silk protein to repair, strengthen and hydrate. Because of its many benefits and easy to travel with capsules, I’ve added it to my travel hair prep routine.


Here is how I like to prep my hair for take off!

◦ Shampoo and condition🧖🏾‍♀️

◦ Massage 2 cosmocaps into scalp 💆🏾‍♀️

◦ Detangle with wet brush 🙆🏾‍♀️

◦ Style in protective hairstyle🙇🏾‍♀️

◦ Take off! ✈️