Frequently asked

  • Yes, it soaks into your hair to hydrate and repair.

  • 30 capsules per bottle

  • Each capsule is good for 1-2 uses depending on your hair length.

  • Yes, it is gently enough to use daily. Over time, you may use less as your hair becomes healthier.

  • Our serum instantly decreases frizz and increases shine when you apply onto hair. It can be used on both wet and dry hair.

  • Store in a cool dry place: room tempurature. It is biodegradable so any high tempuratures may ripture the capsules.

  • Yes, it does not contain any sulfates or harsh chemicals.

  • No

  • For best results: Apply half of the capsule onto damp hair and apply the remaining serum once dry or hair is styled to control fly aways.

  • Clean, fresh, floral. Very subtle

  • It is safe to apply onto childrens hair, however we do not recommend that you leave the product unatended as it is a choking hazard if used incorectly.

  • Yes, we do suggest letting the serum soak into your hair and wait 5-10 minutes before applying hot tools.