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the cosmocap

Have you ever wondered why your hair has those split ends, thin edges and dry roots? Well, we all tend to partake in harmful short term solutions for our boring hair problem such as using hot tools, chemicals and simply styling our hair, which leads to damage, damage, and just more damage. What we really should be looking at are the long term ways we can maintain healthy hair and achieve that effortless style for longer than just a few days! Our Cosmocap hair serum is the perfect cocktail to hydrate your hair in just one squeeze.

The Cosmocap. The perfect cocktail for your hair.

The Capsule

Using the most advanced technology in Italy, the capsule was designed in a unique way to stabilize and maintain the properties of these powerful ingredients. We like to stick to our roots with a plant based, biodegradable, eco friendly capsule shell. In today’s world, people are constantly on the go and want a hair care product that can tag along. No more bulky bottles, each capsule is designed for a one time use.

The Serum

The concept is a leave-on hair treatment to be used after shampooing. This serum has a lightweight, silky texture which also provides shine, makes hair easy to brush, helps to reduce frizz and breakage, leaving your tresses softer and stronger! In addition, the smell of the serum is just the cherry on top. See for yourself why everyone loves our classic fresh scent!

The Ingredients

Keratin Amino Acids

Keratin Amino Acids are the building blocks of the keratin protein that forms our hair. These amino acids can penetrate the hair- enhancing its conditioning effects. It is ideal for damaged or dry hair. This ingredient helps to give the hair more sheen and increased volume.

Vitamin B5

For years, people have turned to daily vitamins such as B5 to strengthen and shine their hair. This pro vitamin is proven to improve damage caused by sun exposure, styling and over-shampooing. Our serum is formulated with B5 to instantly strengthen your hair, leaving it noticeably healthier, quicker!