• UNIQUE ANIMAL-FRIENDLY NYLON BRISTLES – Unlike other brushes that may be made with animals’ parts, no animals were harmed in the making of this vegan hair dryer brush. Instead of boar bristles, we use the stiffer nylon that lifts dirt, dust and debris away from your hair.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT YET DURABLE – Our hot air brush is meant to withstand the high temperature of your blow dryer as well as the pulling and rolling of your hair. But it’s light enough for fast and easy styling.
  • GENTLE TO YOUR HAIR – Remilia hairbrush won’t get stuck in your hair, or vice versa. The handle has no crease for hair to get trapped in so it won’t get pulled, ripped out, broken or tangled.
  • VOLUMIZING & REMOVES FRIZZ – This Hi Volume hairbrush creates loose curls and medium waves for long hair. It also helps straighten and adds volume to short and medium styles. Make your hair instantly shiny!
  • ANTI-SLIP CORK HANDLE – Our rigid brush handle is made from recycled corks for better grip and maximum control. Because blow drying your hair doesn’t need to be an arm workout.

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