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the cosmocap.
daily hair serum.

Our plant-based capsules are the perfect cocktail for your hair to strengthen, repair and hydrate daily.

Remilia Hair Product


Twist: Gently pinch the top of the capsule with two fingers, twist and pull the top off.

Squeeze: Evenly distribute desired amount onto your hands.

Apply: Massage serum onto hair, start by applying on the tips of your hair where it tends to be most dry and work your way up til about mid length.

Easy To Use Hair Product

Small packaging +
Big results =
No Brainer.

Created in Italy, we have brought an innovative new twist to your hair care routine. Our enviromentally friendly, plant-based capsules allows the formula to stay fresh and potent to nourish your hair for each and every use!

What is it good for?

Instantly increases your hair’s shine and decreases frizz. By strengthening each stand, Our serum reduces breakage and split ends, leaving your hair noticeably healthier.

Plant based capsule

The Cosmocap shell is 100% vegan and bio-degradable.

Clinically tested

The Cosmocap is clinically proven to reduce frizz and increase shine.

Cruelty free

We believe in beauty without cruelty. The Cosmocap is not tested on animals.

Travel friendly

The Cosmocap is TSA & Travel friendly.

Our Bottle Service

The Cosmocap



Pack of Three


$80.97 $72.87

Pack of Six


$161.94 $137.64


“I’ve been over the moon for Cosmocaps! Been using them for quite some time now and I must say that I am in love!

Beau Dieda

The Cosmocap works perfectly for all hair types and keeps my clients’ hair soft and shiny!

Gilbert Muniz

Always traveling with my clients and this is so easy to travel with. Love it!

Rob Scheppy

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