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Vegan Lush Brush

Detangling hair brush


For all hair types & textures, our Vegan Lush Brush gently detangles & gently massages the scalp for a first-class experience.

Style it wet or dry for a polished & healthy finish.

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This 100% Vegan boar-like bristle paddle brush effortlessly glides through tangles, knots, flyaways and frizz without causing snags or damage. The ABS bristles and soft ballpoint tips help distribute the scalp’s natural oils, clear debris and stimulate natural hair growth.

Style/detangle it wet or dry for a polished & healthy finish.


Ideal for traveling and designed to endure even the heaviest of turbulence, you’ll have the Vegan Lush Brush to thank for the good-hair days ahead – no matter the destination!

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