Free US + UK shipping $40+ I Free Silk Hair Ties

Free US + UK shipping $40+ I Free Silk Hair Ties

Free US + UK shipping $40+ I Free Silk Hair Ties

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A bit about us

We’re all about giving you that ‘good hair day’ feeling, Everyday! Wherever you go, whatever you’re doing, REMILIA HAIR IS with you so you can have THE healthy, shiny mane you’ve ALWAYS DREAMED OF.

Our Story

Remilia Hair started with one goal in mind — Create convenient, travel friendly hair care that really works. Developed in LA, our products are made in Italy using the most advanced Italian technology.

We first began revolutionizing hair care with the launch of Cosmocap - Our pre-portioned, zero waste, travel friendly and biodegradable hair serum. In today’s world, people are constantly on the go and want a hair care product that can tag along. Eliminating the need for bulky bottles, our capsules ticked all the boxes in transforming hair with potent ingredients while remaining plant based, biodegradable & eco-friendly.

We pride ourselves in continuing to lead the way in innovative hair care that noticeably improves hair health for EVERY hair type and actively addresses hair concerns. Our range of products will love your hair, love the planet and love your overnight bag without ever compromising quality.


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    Haircare that’s travel friendly, zero hassle, zero waste AND is super cute? That’s Remilia Hair! Travel friendly and pre-portioned means beautiful hair is achievable anytime, anywhere. Forget bulky bottles (and luggage spills!) and take us with you to help your hair shine! (Rain, hail or otherwise)


    Take care of your hair AND take care of the planet. Our Cosmocap shell is 100% biodegradable with recyclable, reusable and eco friendly packaging available for our entire range. Revitalize your mane with Remilia Hair, water a plant with a Cosmocap shell or hug a tree… All great ways to show big love to Mother Earth.


    We have stuck to our roots with plant based ingredients that are highly effective in transforming your mane. Our products are cruelty-free (your furry friends would approve) and don’t contain nasty sulfates or parabens are added to ensure our products deliver maximum results without damaging fillers.

    Travel friendly

    Eco friendly

    Clinically tested

    Cruelty Free

    Plant based

    Sulfate & paraben free

    We’ve gone global with Mayple!

    We now offer international shipping via Mayple. Visit Mayple to purchase our products and receive fast and free shipping, right to your door.