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Self care + hair repair

We believe in products that rejuvenate stressed out tresses for stronger, shinier and healthier hair. Created with mindful & effective ingredients, our innovative treatments have been clinically proven to deliver quality results without sacrificing sustainability. Boasting a full range of vitamins, proteins & naturally derived ingredients, Remilia Hair offers the ultimate retreat for your hair.

Stressed out tresses?

Heat damage, product buildup, over complicated routines and daily stress all contributing to tired and lifeless locks. And with so many products carrying the bad karma of unsustainable packaging, animal testing and unnatural ingredients - your hair deserves a break to unwind and rejuvenate.

Escape with Remilia to your hair wellness journey.

Our mantra

Remilia's vision for effective and eco-friendly haircare solutions all began with the Cosmocap - our zero waste, travel friendly and biodegradable hair serum.

After amassing waves of devotees, we have slowly and mindfully expanded our refined and focused range without compromising our high quality, all natural & sustainable mantra.

Kick back, unwind and getaway to your hair of your dreams.

Transcendent hair

Our evidence based hair wellness treatments are designed to work on all hair types, color-treated, keratin-treated, chemically treated, and relaxed hair.

Cruelty free, recyclable packaging and all natural ingredients - Remilia Hair is the hair destination for your sustainable & environmentally friendly hair care ritual.

Find out how Remilia's range can elevate and bring balance back to your hair.

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