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Think Cher and Kendall Jenner, your hair was made to just wash and go! We envy you, we really do, but that doesn’t mean your hair type doesn’t come with its own list of problems…

Type 1 Hair is made up of naturally super fine strands. Relatively low-maintenance, and naturally thin and wispy, your hair lacks any sort of real curl but looks great loose and free. Oil is your biggest issue, but we’ve got that covered, here are our Top 4, Type 1 Hair Hacks that you’re going to wish you knew sooner!

Wash your Hair Regularly

When it comes to beating that oil, a regular wash schedule is going to be life saver. We recommend washing your hair every two to three days to keep it clean, and give it that je ne sais quoi. Any more than that, and your hair won’t get the natural nutrients it needs to stay healthy and soft. Finding the right balance is critical, but don’t worry, we know you’ve got this!

Regular Hair Cuts

Trimming your dead ends is super important to ensure your Type 1 Hair stays full of life. The longer you go without a snip, the more weighted and pulled down your hair will look and feel, so make sure you get on top of your hair cut routine. (Trust us, you can thank us later!)


Wash your Hair with Cold Water

We’re so sorry, but you’re going to have to go full polar bear with this one. Washing your Type 1 Hair with cold water is a must when it comes to oil control, and keeping your hair super shiny and clean. Cold water not only rids the scalp of dirt, oil and impurities, but keeps your hair cleaner for longer. There’s just too many pro’s!

Don’t Sleep with Wet Hair

If you’re like us, you leave your hair washing right to the last minute before bed. This totally doesn’t need to change, but how you dry your hair before bed does. Using a hair dryer, make sure your hair is 100% bone dry before you go to sleep, to make sure you avoid any unwanted frizz (and some unwanted tangles).


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