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To start off, our condolences… we know how heartbreaking it is to use up all of your Cosmocaps. However, making sure your Cosmocap empties are recycled properly helps take away the hurt, and also gives a high five to mother nature (who’s totally going to high five you back).

We’ve done all the hard work for you

Studies show that less than 12% of plastic is recycled, with approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution finding its way into our waterways and ocean everyday. To put it simply, it’s a big BIG issue and totally not what we’re all about.

Here at Remilia, we're big fans of Planet Earth. We’re strong believers in making sustainable decisions when it comes to the products we consume, which is why we strive to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible. Not only is the packaging of our Cosmocaps reusable AND recyclable, our Cosmocap Capsules themselves are totally biodegradable. Don’t believe us? Let us show you how to melt down your Cosmocaps. It’s quick and easy, and also… kind of fun to watch!


How to Biodegrade the Biodegradable

Who doesn’t love a good science experiment? Simply pop your empty Cosmocap cases into boiling water and watch as the capsules melt, you’ll have a heavenly smelling liquid solution in no time. The boiling water not only dissolves the capsule super quickly, but once cooled, you’re left with a “Cosmo-politan” (it’ll catch on) that is perfect for the garden. Veggies, Plants, or that indoor Monstera that you’re trying to save will LOVE the nutrients. Don’t have a green thumb? No stress at all! Your fun little concoction is totally safe to pour down the drain. Oh how we love versatility!

What next?

Stock up on more Cosmocaps of course. Now that you know first hand how easy it is to melt down your Cosmocap empties, there’s nothing stopping you from ordering some more! Already have your Cosmocap Glass Bottle ready to go? Check out our Refill bags for an even more eco-friendly option to get shiny, healthy hair again and again without the unnecessary packaging.

Our Cosmocap Refills Bags come with 30 Biodegradable Capsules, in a pouch that is 100% Recyclable. Simply pop your new Cosmocaps into your existing Cosmocap Glass Bottle for super easy travel hair that looks cute sittin’ on a shelf or packed in a suitcase!


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