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Just Landed: The Best Brush to Suit Every Hair Type

Just Landed: The Best Brush to Suit Every Hair Type

This just in — Our new, 100% vegan brush for all hair types & textures. 

Vegan Lush Brush

All hair is unique and finding your holy grail hairbrush can be tricky. Well look no further, our new Vegan Lush Brush is designed for every hair type and styling desire providing your strands with big benefits.

The Vegan Lush Brush gently detangles & gently massages the scalp and can be used on both wet or dry hair for a polished & healthy finish. Made from 100% vegan boar bristles, this paddle brush effortlessly glides through tangles & knots (for damaged and thick hair types) and flyaways & frizz (for thin, afro, curly and frizz prone hair types) without causing snags or damage to your mane. 

Best Vegan Hair Brush

The vegan boar bristles help maintain a tangle-free main without damage and can also be used to tease the hair at the root to create more volume for flat hair. 

For hair that needs a little TLC, the soft ball point bristles are flexible enough to bend with your hair making it a gentle detangler that doesn’t cause any breakage or further damage to stressed out tresses with unnecessary tugging.

Regular brushing can help to condition the hair by distributing the scalp’s natural oils and clearing debris, as well as promoting hair growth. Of course, brushing also helps remove strands that have become loose thanks to our body’s natural shedding cycle. So, it’s even more important to find a hairbrush that works for you! Now you can turn heads with luscious, tangle-free tresses thanks to the holy grail Vegan Lush Brush.


Best Brush For Textured Hair
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