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Tell them what you want, what you really really want… 

Does your partner need that little push to make Valentine’s Day 2023 one to remember? From direct to more subtle, we are sharing our top tips to help them figure out what you really want for Valentine’s Day and drop a gift hint. Cupid’s got nothing on you 💘


feature gifts


Tag Them 

Tag your partner on social posts that feature gifts or date ideas that you like. Better yet, head over to Remilia’s instagram and share your moodboard (with linked products) with our ‘add yours’ story. This way it looks like you’ve been prompted by us (you have!—Wingman reporting for duty) and let your special someone see exactly what you want and where to get it in a more subtle way. 


Show And Tell 

If you’re browsing on your phone and come across something you like, don't be afraid to show it to them. Let them know why you love it and while you're at it, ask them their opinion on it too!


Show And Tell


Walk Down Memory Lane 

Has your partner knocked it out of the park on a previous Valentine’s Day? Bring up how much that meant to you—and don't forget to include the specific parts that made it special, such as if they kept it a surprise or the type gift they gave you. If your partner gave you your favourite Remilia products in the past, remind them what they got you and that you need more! This might inspire duplicate success.


Shop Together

Leading up to your romantic day, if you’re out shopping together casually point out some things that you like. Whether it is at the mall or online, there are many opportunities to point out some gift suggestions to your partner. You might be surprised to find that your significant other is actually paying more attention than you think they would!


shopping together


Tell A Friend 

Flowers & chocolates are obvious but if you’re hoping for something in-particular (did we hear you say some Cosmocaps? Or was it Cosmo Candle? 😉) your partner may just consult your friends for advice so make sure you’ve filled them in on what you’re after to make things easier for everyone if they ask!