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Great for the mind and the body, a lot of people would say a good fitness routine is the key to health and happiness. However, it can totally wreak havoc on your hair (and we’re not just talking about messing up your wash days!).

From the more obvious haircare no-no’s we face in the gym like a super-tight, scalp pulling ponytail, to the smaller unnoticeables like UV damage, we’re here to give you the 101 on workout proofing your hair.


# 1. The Ari Effect

If you have hair any longer than a short bob, we get it, you need to tie those luscious locks back when you’re working out. However, what we’re about to say might hurt a lot of you (we shed a tear ourselves while writing it), but you have to retire the high pony / top knot in the gym for the sake of your hair!

Not only is an updo that’s too tight going to weaken and break your strands, but it’s going to stress out your scalp from the constant pulling and tension on your hair. We recommend leaving the high ponys for a special occasion, and tying your hair back loosely and low when you hit the gym from now on!


# 2. Sweat

Sweat is great, and low-key the goal when you’re working out. However, letting your hair sit in sweaty grossness for too long is a big no from us. Not only can sweat dry out your hair, clog up your hair follicles and prevent new hair growth, but it can leave your strands prone to breakage… which just isn’t the vibe.

Pre-Workout: We recommend using a leave-in conditioner to help build a layer of protection between your hair and your sweat.

Post workout: Make sure to gently brush through your hair to help evenly distribute moisture.

sweaty grossness

# 3. Shampoo Breaks

Good news, underwashing is in! Sometimes when we work out often, we’re tempted to wash our hair every day to get rid of that gross sweaty smell. However, if you wash your hair every time you work out, you’re probably washing your hair wayyy too often. 

Skip your next wash day, and let your hair breathe in it’s natural oils! It’s a lot less work for you, AND it’ll help save your hair.


# 4. UV Damage

Obviously only an issue if you workout outside, but did you know that hair can get burnt too? Faded color, frizziness, dry strands and more… UV damage can be such a b**ch too deal with! 

We recommend wearing a hat or head covering when working out outside to protect your hair. It seems so obvious, but sometimes those tips are the best kind!