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Sitting by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa, curled up with a warm woolly blanket is a winter dream. And while you might be feeling those cozy winter vibes, your hair is not! With these 7 tips for healthy cold-weather hair you can protect your hair from becoming fragile and breakage-prone this winter.

Hair Oils & Serum Treatments


TIP 1: Hair Oils & Serum Treatments

Hair oils & serums are a blessing for stressed winter hair to regenerate and give your strands new freshness and shine. Our Cosmocap Hair Serum can be used daily to reduce frizz and breakage while repairing your tresses. The ends of your hair will benefit from this treatment most of all, since they’re roughed up by coats, scarves, and sweaters.


TIP 2: Wash Your Hair Less 

Frequent hair washing dries out your strands and strips them of their natural protective oils. To avoid further drying out your winter hair, reduce your washes to 2-3 and bridge the gap with dry shampoo. Bonus: Dry shampoo delivers instant volume for a bigger, bouncer winter do!




TIP 3: Don’t Go Outside With Wet Hair 

Wet hair is prone to breakage. When things freeze, they expand and your hair is no different. The cold is extremely damaging to damp hair so make sure your stands are well and truly dry before stepping out.


TIP 4: Banish Flyaway Hair 

Done with static charge from your cute sweater or scarf? Smooth your flyaways with anti-frizz Cosmocap Daily Hair Serum. The lightweight keratin treatment can be used daily to tame flyaways and keep hair smooth. You can also try spaying your mane with hairspray to keep things in place but ensure you apply the two separately to avoid weighing your hair down.


TIP 5: Cut Off Your Ends 

Winter is tough on the ends of your hair. Friction against warm clothing causes stress and split ends are the unfortunate side effect. Regular trims rejuvenate your hair, give you a fresher look and promote hair growth banishing split ends for healthy and gorgeous hair. 


hair’s moisture retention


TIP 6: Apply A Deep Conditioning Hair Mask Weekly

Cold weather and dry heating causes havoc on your hair’s moisture retention. Introducing a once-a-week mask treatment to your weekly hair routine will keep your hair hydrated in the colder months. Try antioxidant-rich Green Coco Hair Mask to reduce frizz, boost shine and restore essential moisture and hydration to dry, brittle hair while strengthening your strands with every use.


TIP 7: Blow Dry Gently

The cold air isn’t doing your hair favors but neither is dry heat! The heat from your hair dryer causes your vulnerable dry winter stands to dry out even further. The solution? Apply a heat protection product and blow dry using the diffuser on a low heat setting to avoid too much moisture being lost in the dry. Pro Tip: Apply ½ of a Cosmocap capsule to damp hair before blow drying to hydrate and protect your locks and finish with the remaining capsule to infuse your strands with vitamin B5, keratin amino acids & silk protein to strengthen, hydrate and repair. 

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